Future of ICMT

Future of ICMT Write a 4000-5000 word paper that discusses the Future of ICMT. Use peer-reviewed journals and scholarly resources to support your conclusions. The overall design of the paper is up to you, but at a minimum the paper needs to include the following pages and sections. Also, per APA, stick to the organization in steps 1-4. Title Page (page 1) Abstract (page 2) Body of the Paper References (final pages) Required Topics to Discuss: The Components of ICMT Information Communication Media Technology Current State of ICMT Future Trends of ICMT Information Communication Media Technology Opportunities and Risks to Organizations Conclusion The paper must be in APA 6th Edition format, contain no grammar, spelling, and APA errors. The paper must use a minimum of ten scholarly resources (two can be the books for the course). The paper cannot be more than 10% directly cited per the Turnitin Report.

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