Your organization will be conducting an annual campaign; an outside telemarketing company will handle the telephone solicitations. Prepare a one page training guide and “script” for the telephone solicitation. You may model these on information from attachment…

Benignant De Eagle Foundation


Benignant De Eagle, Inc. (2015). About Benignant de Eagle Foundation. Retrieved from Benignant de Eagle Foundation:

EXHIBIT 10-4 Sample Phone-a-Thon Script
The Opening
“Hello Mr./Mrs. . I’m (volunteer name) , a volunteer with (organization name). I’m calling tonight for our annual membership drive. But first I’d like to thank you for your continued support of (organization name). By the way, are you still living on Street/Blvd./etc. (If no, correct the address.) Thanks . . . so that’s . [Repeat the address with the street number].
NOTE: We ask the address to be sure our records are correct. Perhaps more important, this gives the prospect a chance to say “YES” early in the conversation. It also prevents the run-on monologue that too many phone solicitors use.

The Two-Paragraph Case for Support
“I don’t know if you’re aware of how much (organization name) has been able to do with our membership contributions.”
PAUSE: Wait for the prospect to say something. LISTEN and RESPOND. (Often prospects will state the case for support in their own words.)
“A lot of people seem to know something about our XXXXXXX program. (Mention your most popular program). But not everyone seems to know about our YYYYYY services. (Mention important outreach efforts, youth programs or other lesser known valuable services).”
NOTE: Mention some of the popular programs or some of the specific reasons you have become a volunteer for the organization.

The Close
“Of course, to continue our programs, we need your participation each year. So I hope you’re in a position to consider a membership contribution of $100 or more.”
SILENCE…Wait for an answer. Don’t speak first!
NOTE: Remember to ask for more than last year’s contribution. Please also remember to wait for the prospect’s response.
“Thank you. Let me make sure I have the right information. How would you like to be listed in our [records or acknowledgments]. Do you prefer Mr. and Mrs. or first names?”
“Thank you for your pledge of $ (repeat amount) . I’ll have (organization name) send you a thank-you letter with a return envelope to make it easy to send in your contribution. (Or repeat any special pledge reminder instructions.) Thank you.”
NEGOTIATE: Use LET-ME phrases…Examples:
Volunteer: “I understand that may be a bit much for you right now. Well, let me enter your pledge for $25. You can contribute that now, or in several months, if that would be more convenient.”
Volunteer: “Even $15 or $25 means a lot. Would you prefer to make a contribution like that or perhaps make a pledge that you can pay at a later date?”
“Thank you for your time. I hope you’ll consider (organization name) in the future.”

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