Fire Protection and Prevention

The Unit IV Essay Assignment requires you to  “Write an essay outlining the proper water flow requirements for an NFPA 25 fire protection system (FPS) that is installed within a general purpose assembly (e.g., auditorium).”

Our current textbook (The NFPA 25 Handbook) deals with inspection and testing rather than system design.  This makes it a bit challenging to answer the question based solely on what is presented in the text.  I suggest that you give consideration to the information presented in Chapter 7 and discuss the importance regular testing of the water supply system so as to assure system adequacy in your essay.

I also suggest that do a little bit of outside research.  If you do an internet search for “Fire Protection in Auditoriums” or “Fire Protection in Theaters” you will find quite a bit of information.  You may be able to incorporate some of what you find into your essay.

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