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Dissertation’s plan of Master level
My topic is:
My Research question is:
Does the fund Mobilization and allocation function by banks cause a growth in the GDP?
Dear Sir,
I am writing to tell you some important things in my case so please consider these things and then you are free to find any significant things and instructions to my Dissertation.
I have got these instructions but it is not enough so please try to add some new things while you read and will find it.
Chapter One:
i.Introduction: when you are going to write introduction and you should include explanation the meaning of intermediation, why you think intermediation is important on the economy.
ii. Statement of the problem
iii. Aims and Objectives of the study
iv. Significance of the study
v. Research question
vi. Research hypothesis
vii. Conclusion
Chapter Two:
I. Introduction
II. Background
III. Evolution of banking in Iraq
IV. Banking system in Iraq
V. Literature Review
VI. Conclusion
Chapter Three: in this chapter you should show what are you going to write in chapter Four
i. Introduction
ii. Research Design
iii. Data analyses Methods
iv. Model Specification :including Iraq GDP from 1984 to 2013,
GDP= Biz loans+Mortgages+FE
GDP= B0+B1bL+B2mL+B3FE+ui
I got this idea so please if you find other good things you can add it
v. Conclusion
Chapter Four: will be presentation and analysis of data , and finally you shall state our findings, submit appropriate recommendations and conclusion.
Please consider the following notes :
Note ( 1)
I have no instruction for this chapter so please you should find it also you are free to add or change some of my idea in chapter one ,Two and Three because when you are going to read I am sure you will find more a new idea.
Note ( 3)
When you will send me chapter by chapter I will send to my supervisor if he has notes and he will add other idea or delete something please you should do it for me and revision it so I would like to send me your email to contact you and you can understand me what I want on it.
Note (4)
My dissertation word count is between 13000words to 15000 words. The maximum is 15000 words.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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