Final Report: Legal & Regulatory Project

Overview You are a manager of a certain department/group of St. King’s Hospital and plan to recruit a healthcare professional to fulfill a certain position. Besides consider the professional qualification requirement for this position, the hiring manager also needs to pay attention to the legal and ethical consideration of the employee hiring, disciplinary and separation process. In order to do so, you will consult with the Human Resource department of St. King’s Hospital before hiring. For this project you will be required to consult with a Human Resource professional in a healthcare field. You will work with this professional to develop a report that can help guide healthcare managers with the legal and regulatory concerns of the hiring process, disciplinary process, and issues related to employment separation. During Weeks 1-4 you should have completed a formal consultation session with an approved healthcare human resources professional. You will now write a formal report of the findings. Action Items Complete all assigned readings for the course so far. Complete the following assignments: 2.3 Approval: Legal & Regulatory Project and 4.3 Consultation: Legal & Reg. Project. You have identified a human resource healthcare professional and conducted a consulting session with that person. Now you will compose a formal report with a focus on the major legal and regulatory concerns for the 3 topics covered in the consulting session. Your paper should be 4 to 5 pages, double-spaced and follow APA guidelines for citation and formatting. The cover page and reference page are not included in the length of the paper. Your paper should cover the major legal and regulatory concerns in the following areas: A brief description of the new position at St. King’s Hospital Hiring and recruitment of new employees Employee supervision and retention Employee counseling and dispute resolution Disciplinary action Employee resignations and terminations

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