Extra Credit Assignment (Electrical Engineering)

This is an extra credit assignment. You are to write an essay on one or more of the following topics.


  1. Impact of Solar Devices and Systems on Society


  1. Impact of Electronic Devices and Systems on the Medical Profession


  1. Impact of Nanoscale Electronics on Society



Each essay submitted shall be written in 12 font Times Roman with 1.5 spacing. Proper referencing and citations are mandatory. Figures and illustrations are allowed as long as they are correctly cited and referenced. A bibliography shall be required with a minimum of three references. Internet references are allowed only from journals and recent periodic media sources (no Wikipedia, How Things Work, etc will be accepted as sources).





I am going to need an essay for each topic,so a total of three essaies.


Each essay should be at least 2 pages long (without the figures and illustrations), with 1.5 spacing.




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