Exporting solar panels to Brazil

This has to do with exporting solar panels to Brazil and selling them there: You own your own company and would like to A??go global!A?? Research a potential market and product to get your export operations started and present your findings to potential investors. Explain how and why you chose your market and product.
Create a 15-to 20-slide (plus one reference slide) MicrosoftAf?A?® PowerPointAf?A?® presentation with detailed speakerAf?A??s notes that analyzes a potential international business opportunity. Include at least 3 resources besides the textbook. Use the outline below and the information you gathered throughout the course to complete the assignment.

Af?A??Description of product to be exported
Af?A??Characteristics of target market
oGNP/capita growth rate
oSize of market
Af?A??Market screening
oBasic need potential
oExchange rate trends
oImport restrictions
oPrice controls
oGovernment and public attitude toward buying American products
oSize, number, and financial strength of competitors
oSociocultural forces
Attitudes and beliefs
Af?A??Export marketing strategies
oPromotion methods

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