Experimental Design Project

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INMGT422 – 01 Quality Engineering

Experimental Design Project


Project:  The project requires teams of students to conduct a 23 factorial design experiment with 3 replications to determine which design factors affect a determined response variable.



  1. The Factors and the Levels and data collection


A:                     Low (-) or High (+)

  1.  Low (-) or High (+)

C:                     Low (-) or High (+)


Response Variable: Deviation as described in project 1


  1. Analyze results


Perform a 23 factorial experiment. Clearly label all the data values.  Test for 95% significant effect of each of the main factors, the two-way interaction and the three- way interactions


Plot and analyze residuals and label all graphs

  1. Residuals Histogram
  2. Residual vs. Test order
  3. Residual vs. Predicted Values
  4. Residual vs. Levels of each factor (3Plots)


  • Written Reports


Write a brief summary of your design. The results of your experiment should include the followings


  1. Detail description of design, data collection method, testing order, factor levels and discuss any common causes and how it will affect the results.
  2. Describe the analysis performed
  3. State the model as a function of the design factors
  4. Analyze the residual plots and make conclusions about the accuracy of the model.
  5. What follow up experiments would you recommend and why?









In this project, the objective is to study the statistic data for the distance of the ball away from the target. The team will prepare a simple golf playing device and shoot the ball to a target. The data will be collected as the distance of the ball away from the target. The positive value is obtained when the ball is to the right of the target and the negative value is obtained when the ball is to the left of the target. The team will also learn how to apply the box plot, histogram as well as normal probability distribution plot to study the results.






  1. Place the simple golf playing device
  2. Place a centerline sticker on the ground
  3. Load the golf ball and shoot
  4. Record the distance of the ball away from the centerline



Raw Data








Calculation for Box Plot

Figure 1: Box Plot

Figure 2: Histogram Chart

Calculation for Normal Distribution

Figure 3: Normal Distribution

Calculation for moving average

Sample calculation

Upper limit control:

Lower limit control:


Figure 4: Moving Average Chart

Figure 3 shows the moving average chart with red curve being the upper limit control and green curve being lower limit control

Figure 5 Moving Range Chart

Figure 5 shows the moving range chart with red curve being the upper limit control.





The method that students used in this project is quantitative data collection method. Students measure the distance of the ball away from the target and record the positive value when the ball is to the right of the target and record the negative value when the ball is to the left of the target.  The control in this project is the golf ball. We use the same golf ball throughout the whole process.

However, there are some factors that may affect the variability. The first is the device that we build for launching the golf ball. We used a simple device that is shown in schematics part. Because the basket that holds the golf ball is not stable when the golf ball leaves, it will cause some systematic error that the ball tends to go either side from the centerline. This error is also shown in the plots above where most of data tends to gather on one side of the centerline.

According to the plots shown in the analysis part, students can learn that the data has relative high standard deviation which means that most of data is far away from the centerline where distance is 0

For future improvement, students should be able to build better golf ball launcher so that the ball is stable when it is launched.

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