Exercise: To construct a job announcement and To construct an examination process for the job

The purpose of this exercise is to give you an opportunity for real experience in conducting part of the recruitment and selection process (aka staffing process). The exercise will also enable you to generate data that can be used in completing subsequent exercises. These items should be submitting together on the same Word Document.

A – Job Announcement

Prepare a job announcement for the position you analyzed above. Critique actual job announcements for similar positions in somewhat comparable organizations. You can find these announcements in newspapers or on the websites in the appendix. Be certain in your own job announcement to provide information on all nine items discussed in Chapter 10: Selecting Employees.

B – Examination Process

Prepare an examination process. In a Word document, outline the kind(s) of test you would conduct to identify the best candidate for the position you analyzed in the position analysis exercise (2). Specify what types knowledge, skills, and abilities the various components of the examination are designed to measure and provide one or two sample questions or test items to illustrate the nature of the exam

Design a scoring system for your examination. Where appropriate, devise a method of weighting scores on the various components of the examination to correspond with the relative importance of different dimensions of the position you are filling.

Determine which validity type is most appropriate for the position


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