1. Engineers often plot data on a semi-log graph for two reasons: First, the range of values can be much greater, often spanning several orders of magnitude (i.e., several powers of 10; for example 0.01 to 10 is three orders of magnitude). Second, the exponential equation y = aebx appears as a straight line when plotted on a semi-log graph. Given the data in the worksheet titled “problem 1”, plot it two different ways (plot two graphs). In the first plot, plot the results as a standard x-y plot. In the second plot, plot it as a semi-log (or log-normal) graph with the voltage on the y-axis plotted in log scale. Use proper graphing principles (label axis, legends etc). Plot the data as a line with markers. 2. Given the data on the worksheet titled “problem 2.” Plot the streamflow data in column format with the month on the x-axis and the stream flow in cubic feet per second (cfs) on the yaxis. Add the monthly rainfall rate (inches) and plot it on a second-y-axis using a line graph. The rainfall data should be shown as a line without markers. Use proper graphing principles (label axis, legends etc). 3. Data was recorded from an experiment where the distance was measured as well as the applied force. Plot the data with Distance as the independent variable (x-axis) and Force as the dependent variable in an x-y graph. Use proper graphing procedures. Also, add a trend line to the data using the linear option (a linear trend line). Force the trendline to go through the origin and place the equation and the correlation (R2 ) value on the graph. Plot the experimental data only as markers. 4. The weight versus mileage was recorded for over 20 different cars. Plot the data in an x-y graph. Plot the data only as marker and change the x-axis to a minimum of 2000. Use proper graphing procedures. Fit the data with the trendline that gives the best fit to the data. Show the equation on the graph with the correlation (R2 ) on the graph.

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