Evidence­-based Practice Problem: Use of Data and Science for a Purpose

Assignment Summary: Throughout the semester students learned how to formulate meaningful
practice­-based questions that can be informed by existing data or science and formulated their
own practice­based questions. This assignment will demonstrate the ability to use that data and
scientific information to inform the practice­based problem in a number of professional settings
and professional roles. Students will use the assignment as a vehicle to
summarize and demonstrate their ability to utilize data and scientific information to inform social
work practice.
Assignment details:
Write a report to an agency Board of Directors with a specific “ask” based on the data
and scientific information The report should contain a description of the practice­based
problem, its severity and impact, theoretical underpinnings and a suggested response by
the agency (the “ask”). This report should be compelling and use the data and scientific
information as part of a strategy to convince others at the agency of the importance of the
practice­based problem and the need to proceed with the recommended course of action
that was informed by the data and scientific information, along with the consideration of
other factors related to feasibility of implementing the suggested course of action.
Suggested length: 4 pages

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