evaluation obesity

evaluation obesity
All sources/references must be dated within last 5 years.
Evaluation Planning
A 3- page paper that addresses the following:
Evaluation Methods
• Identify an evaluation theory or model that is aligned to obesity in children program goal(s) and objectives.
• Exhibit a performance measurement, monitoring, and evaluation time line that:
o Demonstrates the appropriate use of performance measurement, monitoring, and summative evaluation
o Distinguishes between the long-term effects of impact evaluation versus short and intermediate health outcomes as a result of the implementation of the obesity in children program

Evaluation Plan for obesity in children program
• Develop an evaluation plan that includes goals, objectives, and activities. Specify the type of data needed.
• Add your evaluation plan to the visual representation (e.g., table or graph) of the obesity in children program plan design.
• Add time line information for the evaluation plan to a Gantt chart.

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