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The paper must have an ABSTRACT.
Scenario: You have been appointed to serve on a national panel to substantiate a recommendation for mandatory HIV testing for every newborn. It is hoped that early treatment will save lives and decrease the spread of HIV. Using the country NIGERIA, prepare an argument supporting or refuting mandatory testing of newborns, including addressing the following questions:
1) Describe the birth rate of HIV positive infants
2) Should consent for newborn testing be obtained from parents? Discuss 3 pros (reason for testing) and 3 cons (reasons against testing) and support responses with evidence-based literature written within the last 5 years.
3) Should parents be permitted to decline testing for their child, why or why not?
4) If newborns test positive, what types of treatment are available in Nigeria?
5) Describe the economic impact of HIV treatment in Nigeria and whether testing newborns would reduce or increase the economic and health care burden.
6) Discuss the cultural considerations and ethical principles that would both support and create a barrier impacting the citizens of Nigeria to adopt your recommendations.
7) Discuss your opinion of the overall impact that your recommendation would have on Nigeria.
Use a minimum of 2 peer reviewed journal articles.
Please feel free to take any stance you wish. I’m neutral on the situation.
You wrote my last paper (Interdisciplinary perspective of HIV/AIDS) and did a great job! I received a 29/30 points. Thanks so much! The teacher commented that: “Documentation of sources of information was very good for pages 1-7. However, the remainder of the paper had minimal documentation. Sources of information MUST be documented throughout the total paper.”
Thanks again for all your hard work.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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