ET450 Week 7 Assignment

For this week’s assignment, you will need to submit the following items.

  1. Capstone Documentation and Lessons Learned. While you will submit a final paper next week, this week you need to submit the following:
      1. ORAL PowerPoint presentation:  This presentation should explain your project concept, basic design, final testing results, and conclusion including any opportunities for improvement.
      2. VIDEO demonstration:  The demonstration should be professional, demonstrating the operation of your project. Preferably, this should be embedded in your PowerPoint presentation though this can be a separate uploaded item.


The total presentation length should be 15 to 20 minutes.  You should assume a technical audience but not one necessarily an expert in all the facets of your project.


      1. Lesson Learned Document: It’s a document that includes what went well, what did not go well, and what you learned.


  1. Upload your presentation AND your Lessons Learned Document in the dropbox. Please note that TWO items should be uploaded to the dropbox if your video is embedded in the PowerPoint presentation OR THREE items should be uploaded if your presentation and video are separate items.  If your video is a separate item, you must upload the video itself and NOT provide a link to the video.


Tips for the presentation:

  1. You can search the internet for some applications to record the presentations. Here are some examples:
        1. Screencastomatic:
        2. Jing:
        3. Screenr:


  1. Please check the application you are using to make sure you can record all your presentation in one file. Otherwise, you might need to record in two sessions and upload 2 files for your video presentation.


Disclaimer: The sample applications within the websites above are for informational purposes only, these should be used at your own risk. We do not intend to modify the content in those websites and have no interest in copying or distributing those applications to anyone.

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