essay writing

1. Assertive behaviourProvide a clear definition of assertive behaviour. Discuss three reasons why using assertive behaviour is important include ( in textcitation refrance list )

· Use 11 or 12 Arial or Calibri font

· Use 1.5 or 2.00 line spacing

· Use A4 unrecycled paper, printed on one side only

· Press ‘Enter’ twice between each paragraph. Do NOT indent paragraphs

· Do NOTuse headings

· Do NOTuse a Title Page

· Use sequential page numbering. The Assignment Cover Sheet is not included

· Put the word count at the bottom left hand side before the Reference List

· The Reference List must be on a separate page

· Include a suitable but brief Introduction that describes the PURPOSEof the essay

· Include a suitable conclusion that comments on the FINDINGS you have made through your research.

· There should be 3 to 5 body paragraphs. Do NOT write continuously

· All words that are taken from sources MUSTbe correctly CITED

· Use ONLY direct quotes

· Use a Reference List that matches the citations. Use the Harvard Referencing System.

Proof-read / edit your work carefully

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