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IME6120 Take Home Mid-Term Exam

By submitting this exam for consideration, you certify that you have neither given nor received help on this exam. This exam needs to be submitted as a word document no later than 6:00 on 2/19/15 by attaching your pages in the eLearning Dropbox. You will get next week’s class off as compensatory time for the take home exam, we’ll meet again on 2/26/15. This is an open book, open note, open web exam. Double space 12 font, 1” margins, Calibri. Cite things properly. You are limited on the number of pages, follow the guidelines given in each question. I will only read to the page limit designated so if you use more than the allotted pages to answer a question, it will not be read or used for grading. All problems are weighted equally. If the problem requires a spreadsheet, chart, graph, diagram, or other graphic, include that in your submission. If you must make any assumptions in your analysis due to missing information, be sure to clearly identify what you have assumed and reflect the impact of the assumption in your recommendation or answer. Problem 1: SLP View this problem from the standpoint that you are a consultant providing a report and recommendation to an industry client. Use as many pages as you wish for the analysis but keep the report (narrative and recommendation) to one page. Your task is to develop an optimal facility layout for an eight department operation using the Systematic Layout Planning tools developed by Muther. Department A requires 2,800 sq. ft. of space and sends 302 loads per week to department B, 66 to department F, and 68 to department H. Department B requires 2,100 sq. ft. of space and sends 504 loads per week to department C, 20 to D, 136 to E, 154 to F, 56 to G, and 40 to H. Department C requires 2,600 sq. ft. of space and sends 76 loads per week to D, 352 to E, 122 to G, and 94 to H. Department D requires 400 sq. ft. of space and sends 180 loads a week to G and 8 to H. Department E requires 600 sq. ft. of space and sends 122 loads per week to F and 282 to H. Department F requires 400 sq. ft. of space and sends 188 loads per week to G and 24 to H. Department G requires 2.300 sq. ft. of space and sends 296 loads per week to H. Department H requires 1,800 sq. ft. of space. Using this information, construct the necessary tables and charts for the analysis and explain your decision criteria as it pertains to relationship determination. Create an optimized block layout, approximately to scale, identifying any pertinent data and submit your completed assignment electronically. You can use any software you chose, Word and Excel both have drawing utilities, or VISIO works great for the graphical pieces. Problem 2: QFD You are working for the product manager of a specialty food product company. The company is contemplating launching its own line of pre-prepared meals that would compete in the weight loss market, i.e. Lean Cuisine, Inc. Clients would order via the internet for home delivery. The product of course must taste good but also promote healthy living encouraging weight loss. They view the primary competition for their product to be meals available at grocery stores. Theirs would be more convenient to purchase, be easier to prepare, and healthier than those currently available. You (a member of the product development team) have conducted a market assessment. The feedback you collected from customer interviews and corresponding product characteristics are shown in the table below. The next step is to conduct a competitive assessment by selecting two competing products from popular store brands and evaluate the design characteristics (you can use websites like for your data). Complete a QFD analysis and write a report of your recommendations. Be sure to explain how you arrived at your conclusions. Customer Requirements Importance Product design characteristics Low in fat 8 Fat content Low in cholesterol 6 Cholesterol content Low in calories 6 Number of calories Good for you 5 Sodium content Tastes good 9 Vitamin content Contains both meat and vegetable 4 Price Comes with dessert 3 Preparation time Is filling 5 Lines of instruction Reasonably priced 8 Size of portions Easy to prepare 8 Variety Fast to prepare 9 Meat/vegetable ratio Large variety 6 Dessert portion Problem 3: Chatsworth You are a consultant for Chatsworth, hired to assist with the decision on what direction to take on the future of the playground. In addition to the information given in the case study, you have accessed this additional information: A recent survey on the future of the economy indicated that 7 out of 10 economists surveyed had indicated an improving economy over the next 3-5 years due to the impact of a rapidly expanding market in the oil and gas field. This would result in more jobs (reducing the unemployment rate) increasing wages and a reduction in energy costs. The declining energy costs would result in lower operating costs for the agricultural industry and for manufacturers of consumer goods and transport companies, driving lower costs in all markets. This would result again in more jobs and more competition in the job market resulting in increasing wages. It was expected that the lower energy and product costs combined with increasing wages would result in a 10% increase in discretionary funds for families in the U.K. You have done your research and uncovered the following: 1. Visitation to the park appeared to respond to an up economy, meaning in a good economy attendance increased but in a year that the economy was down they saw a little to no change. 2. 2 in 5 families in the U.K. hadn’t gone on a family outing in the past three years. 3. 8 out of 10 families surveyed indicated that more family outings was there top choice for where they would direct any surplus in their future family budget. 4. Chatsworth had an average of 1200 visitors to the adventure area per day and operated 240 days last year. Chatsworth charges £2 for entry into the playground. Three regional attractions had upgraded their facilities in the recent years and reported an average of a 10% increase in visitors. 5. They estimated that replacing the existing playground (£100,000) with a like playground would allow the attendance to hold steady, if they kept the current playground they would likely see a decrease in attendance of 5% and if they removed it they would likely see a 10% decline. 6. Removal cost of the existing playground was estimated at £1,500 Conduct an analysis for Chatsworth and provide them with a one-page professional report of recommendations with as many pages of appendices as you wish. Problem 4: The Action Response Applications Processing Unit (ARAPU) Assume that you are a consultant hired to re-engineer the applications processing process for ARAPU. As such your job is to provide a detailed rigorous analysis of the process and draft a professionally written report of your findings and recommendations. Keep the writing to one page with as many attachments as you need to show your analysis. You have been provided the following data in addition to that in the case study: Standard Work Table ARAPU Receipt Clerks Time (min) notes: Open and separate file 1 Identify type of request 2 Check for inclusion of necessary forms against “type” checklist 6 Insert file into traveler and enter Coding Clerk queue 1 Coding Clerk Get traveler and open file 2 Create new record in the tracking system 2 Enter data in required fields 13 Check entered data for completeness and correctness 2 Return file to traveler and enter Assessor Secretary queue 1 Assessor Get traveler from Secretary and open file 3 Open and scan all forms for completeness (all fields filled) and recycle if necessary 4 results in 50% of recycling Preform second level analysis on forms – ID ambiguities and recycle if necessary 3 results in 50% of recycling Evaluate validity, impact and importance of the application 35 Draft recommendation 12 Check and print recommendation 2 Return file to traveler and place in appropriate queue (recycle, Approved, Declined) 1 Decline Officer Get file from secretary and open file 3 Open file and review Assessors recommendation 10 Draft decline letter 15 Print letter, add to file and return to traveler and place in Dispatch Clerk queue 2 Payment Officer Get file from secretary and open file 3 Locate “payee” data 1 Enter payee information in Approved Letter template 3 Contact the bank with payment details 38 Finalize file documents with notes from the contact with the bank 3 print necessary documents, return file to traveler and place in Dispatch Clerk queue 2 Dispatch Clerk Get file from secretary and open file 3 Complete forms 3 Address envelope 2 Print & post applicant documents 1 Return documents for filing 1 Your analysis should make use of the various models and analysis tools from the text and/or that have been discussed in class. Your report should include a current state, future state assessment on performance with respect to objectives. A detailed computational assessment of process performance for current state/future state.

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