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Step 1: On your computer on your c:/ (or d:/) drive, create a folder named “AIU Courses.” Under that folder, create a subfolder named “COMP101” (both without quotes). Use this folder to store all of your assignments and materials for this course.

Step 2: Download the document, COMP101_U1_IP_Document.docx, to your computer and save the document on your hard drive in the COMP101 folder you created in step 1.

Step 3: Open the Word program on your computer. Under the File tab, click on “Open” and navigate to your c:/AIU Courses/COMP101 folder. Double-click on the COMP101_U1_IP_Document.docx file you created in Step 2. The COMP101 IP_Document.docx should open in the Word program.

Step 4: Under the File tab, use the “Save As” function to save your Unit 1 IP document to your c:/AIU Courses/COMP101 with the following file name: (your last name_your first name)_U1_IP.docx (e.g., Doe_John_U1_IP.docx). It is not necessary to type the file extension; your computer will add that automatically; the file extension is the part of the filename that includes the period and 3-4 characters after the period.

Step 5: Navigate to the Review ribbon at the top of the page and turn on Track Changes for this document. Leave Track Changes on throughout the rest of these steps.

Step 6: Type your name in the Name Field of Part 1; you do not need to complete the rest of part 1. Using the “Insert Comment” on the Review ribbon, insert a comment at the line marked “Name: __________” stating “This is my correct name.”

Step 7: On the Page Layout ribbon, set the margins to 1″ on all four sides for this document.

Step 8: You will notice on the Home ribbon that the “Show paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols” look like a backwards P. Turn this feature off by unselecting that icon so that the formatting symbols do not appear. If the feature is already off, leave it off.

Step 9: For the entire Paragraph 1 in Part 2, change the line spacing to double-spacing by clicking and dragging your mouse to select the entire paragraph 1 of Part 2 only and then selecting the correct function in the Paragraph section of the Home ribbon.

Step 10: Copy the entire Paragraph 2 to the clipboard and paste this paragraph to the end of the document.

Step 11: Cut Paragraph 3 out of the document and paste it to the end of the document.

Step 12: Click and drag  your mouse to select all of Paragraph 4 and change its font to Times New Roman with 14-point type.

Step 13: On the Review ribbon, click on “Check Spelling and Grammar,” and correct all spelling and grammar errors. For spelling, any word that is underlined with a wavy red line may be misspelled; put the cursor on the suspected misspelled word and right-click your mouse to see the spell checker’s suggested word spellings; choose the correct one from that list. For grammar, words may be underlined with a wavy green line. You can also use the Spelling & Grammar button in the Review tab, or click F7.

Step 14: Change “Part 1” and “Part 2” to the Heading 1 style, and then center them on the page. Do this for the Headings only, not the entire section.

Step 15: Use the Find and Replace functions to find and replace all occurrences of “IP” with “Individual Project” except the ones in Paragraph 6.

Step 16: Make the entire Paragraph 5 bold and italics with the Arial 12-point type.

Step 17: Make Paragraph 6 a hanging indent paragraph. The first line of a hanging indent is flush left, the rest of the paragraph is indented.

Step 18: Save your Unit 1 IP to your c:/AIU Courses/COMP101 folder as (your last name_your first name)_U1_IP.docx in the Unit 1 Submissions area (e.g., Doe_John_U1_IP.docx). It is not necessary to type the file extension; your computer will add that automatically; the file extension is the part of the filename that includes the period and 3-4 characters after the period.

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