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Your Writing Intensive Assignment is as follows:  1.  Write a 8 page paper:  (Cover sheet –1 page long); (Abstract — 1 page long); (the BODY OF THE PAPER will be 5 pages long); and (the Bibliography, Cited Works, or References at least 1 page long containing a minimum of 5 resources usingappropriately documented citations using APA or MLA style manual ).  The paper will be double spaced on the “Roles of a Project Manager”; 2.  Do not use the course text as a source;  3. You will be able to find a format for both the cover sheet and the abstract online (GOOGLE IT);  4.  The body of the paper must have all researched ideas cited using one of your bibliographical sources found it your references (your last sheet).  (Remember make sure this follows the APA or MLA format… choose one or the other but not both). 

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