This is my assignment and I am lost and do not know where to start. Network Project – Getto Insurance Company Project
Ghetto Insurance Business Requirements:

I want to be able to provide my customers with the ability to pay their bills online, check the status of claims, and update their policies. The company will support over 10,000 customers. The company will also support 200 employees. The company uses different types of software: for example to update claims and etc. The company has different IT Teams such as the Network Services Team, Server/Application Team, Network Security Team and Storage Team. Each perspective team is responsible for particular services. The particular departments within the company are HR, IT, Operations, Finance, and call center employees.

Project Requirements:

Network needs to support 200 employees that work 3 different shifts: 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM, 3:30 PM – 11:30 PM and 11:30 PM – 7:30 AM.

There are over 200+ servers that need to support both external and internal sites such HR and Payroll, Database servers, Claims & Polices, Phones, Wifi, VOIP, Collaboration, Corporate Instant messaging, email services, printer services, applications services, file sharing, access management, systems of record and etc.

The storage needs are going to exceed over 1 Petabytes of data.

The security requirements require what antivirus and antispyware is going to be used, what network monitoring software or applications needs to be used, which firewall vendors will be used. How will you respond to a security incident? What tools and software will you use to view, analyze and respond to alerts? What are some of the security policies that you will implement to surround user and security needs to safeguard the data of the company and the employees. How to protect the employees and systems that will be utilize in the process.

Please do the following:

Research what technologies are available and choose the technologies that best fits the needs for the business.

Research best practices on how to implement the particular technology for the company.

Map the business needs to the technology needs for each department and service function.

Please provide a summary of why you chose the particular technology and how you plan on implementing and supporting the technology. Please provide technical details such as specs and a general overview of how to perform you particular implementation.

Please provide detail diagrams and descriptions of your network plan and solutions. Please prepare a 6 – 10 presentation as a team. You will be graded on team effort collaboration and problem solving techniques and strategies.

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