need help with the following question-
Topic: Your topic is: How to prepare and present an informative speech(Note: You must use the provided topic. Students are not allowed to select a topic for this assignment.)
Audience: your audience is your instructor
Time: This speech should be approximately 3-5 minutes long
Specific Purpose: To inform your audience about decision making and other key concepts relating to how to prepare for and present an effective informative speech.
Speaking Style: This is an extemporaneous speaking task that needs to be presented from a delivery outline. Please do not read word-for-word or memorize the message. This will be evident in your voice and delivery
Demonstrate: Your speech should demonstrate the following elements of speech development for this assignment:
Develop your central idea
Generate main ideas
Decide on supporting material
Decide on an organizational pattern and organize your presentation
Create your preparation outline
Decide on delivery cues and include them in the preparation outline
Rehearse the speech
Deliver the speech
Sources: Using the Rio Salado Online Library, select at least one (1) source to use within your presentation (be sure to cite your source – using APA format – in your outline). The Rio Salado Online Library is the best source for authoritative, validated information on your research topics. Please follow the guidelines below to locate one source for Part III:
Go to the Rio Salado Library homepage.
The default search tab is Articles Databases. Click eBooks.
From the general collections, select EBSCO eBooks.
In the search box, enter the search term “Public Speaking.”
From the list of books, select one eBook to use for this assignment

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