An investigation of a scholarly critical articlele.


The book is Jane Eyre: the major point of the book would be that the girl faces oppression because she lives in a patriarchial society where men dominate and women are seen as inferior. I didn’t read the book and I wrote a five page essay about it by watching this thug Notes video : It’s like four minutes long and it helps you get the understanding about what the book is.

First, summarize the article then agree or disagree with the major assertions of it. (It’ll be cool if you go more towards.

I dont need a conclusion, introduction kind of deal. It can be bascially one long essay because this investigation of a scholarly article is just a small part of a big essay I’m writing. 12 Page Times new Roman double spaced ( one page minimum ) it’s really not a lot of work but I’m brain fried right now so I’m willing to pay a few bucks and it’s easy money for whoever is willing to do it.

This is the article I chose:

and here’s some bullet points I put down:

Jane’s actions are a direct and indirect result of her past plus the things she has gone through.

Jane’s mistreatment as a child caused her to strive to have a better future.

She’s a feminist due to all of the wrong that has happened to her and because she was constantly told that men are superior.

This article assumes that Jane Eyre is a feminist because of her past and her new goal to be a woman who lives a better life.

Realization of her self-worth caused her to be an assertive, firm lady who stands by her beliefs.

This article basically emphasizes the actions of Jane and asserts the reasons and results which the actions led to.

The article talks about how Jane’s actions and her reasons for performing such actions have been better.

Article looks deep into the actions of Jane Eyre and makes remarks and hypothesis about Jane’s mental state.

The author of the article provides reasoning for this assertions; it’s not blatantly stated. Instead, they are supported.

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