Using cause
effect example essays that you read as examples, write a 500
word cau
effect essay. You may
choose to write about a subject of your choice. You may
consider the following topics:
A change in the
way you deal with other people
A major moment that changed
the course of your life forever
A change in the way you understo
od your country or your citizenship (a war, a policy, a political scandal, a
political figure)
Your essay will be graded on its ability to adhere to the cause
effect essay conventions. Does your essay follow one
of the formats on pages
ategies for Writing Successful Research Papers
You will be graded using the following categories: content, organization, grammar and style conventions, resources,
references, and APA formatting. Your essay will also be graded on its development. See the
flow chart on page 77 in
Strategies for Writing Successful Research Papers
for guidance. Be sure that you revise, proofread, and format your
essay according to APA standards. See
The CSU Citation Guide
. If you use outside sources, you need to use quotation
marks for lifted language, as well as in
text and reference list citations. The APA organization/formatting should adhere to
specifications for research papers, including the following:
A title page that includes the title of the paper, the name of the s
tudent, and the name of the institution (Columbia
Southern University);
A proper running head according to APA 6th edition guidelines found in
The CSU Citation Guide
on pp. 13
One (1) acad
emically valid source (see p. 18
The CSU Citation Guide
for a
ssistance with finding sources
through the CSU Online Library)
A reference page with a centered header of “References” properly reflecting all sources used within the text (see
The CSU Citation Guidep. 16 for overall formatting guidelines and pp. 7
r formatting guidelines for specific
source types)

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