Environmental science homework help

Instructions Each question min of 125 words, each question with at least one reference APA format. So each question will be answered followed immediately with the reference.


Describe the primary differences between subsistence, capitalistic, and centrally planned economies. Explain how capitalistic and centrally planned economic societies tend to have greater effects on the environment than subsistence economies.


Define renewable and nonrenewable resources in your own words. Give two examples of each in your answer.


Describe the main differences between a cap and trade approach, and a carbon tax as methods to decrease industrial emissions of carbon dioxide.


List the seven steps of the environmental policy process in order. Among the steps, where would you put most efforts to establish new policy? Why?


Explain how birth rates and death rates affect population dynamics specifically.


Fully describe exponential growth and logistic growth.


How do birth rates and death rates affect population dynamics specifically? When do you see stable populations with regard to birth and death rates? What about growing and shrinking populations?


Use your own words to describe an age-class diagram. What can you predict about the future for a population that has a triangular shaped age-class diagram?


Explain how poverty affects the environment.


Describe the role of women’s rights in population growth.

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