BUS3025M Semester A assessment 15/16

Please choose 1 of the following questions as your assessment title for semester A:

Q1: Construct a 3000 word detailed analysis of innovation and its relationship to entrepreneurial theory.
Question: The entrepreneur can be viewed as “the Agent of Innovation” (Schumpeter), therefore innovation defines entrepreneurship. Discuss and argue.

You need to demonstrate a good understanding of the process and different types of innovative behaviour and the role they play within a business environment. You may wish to include ‘open innovation’ and the role it plays in technology business or incremental or radical. You need to argue, defend and debate your viewpoint and uses many sources of reference to ‘back these up’. You also need to include and distinguish between key author’s views/theories and relate these to activity which may take place with both a local and national environment.
(You may wish to include other entrepreneurial areas such as: risk, opportunity spotting and both characteristics/trait theories within your assignment-these are listed as a guide only)
Q2) Present a 3000 word critical review of the many different characteristics/traits of an entrepreneur. Many authors describe different types of entrepreneur e.g. Social, lifestyle, family, female etc. Are they basically the same or are there differences between them? Please make your viewpoint clear from the beginning and argue through key theoretical debate.

In each case we expect reference to at least 6 key authors and their theories of entrepreneurship; these need to be debated and argued fully to obtain an assignment pass. You need to construct an argument and debate this through a coherent, structured essay; the stronger essays will relate theories to real world examples of entrepreneurship. The assignment should be presented as a scholarly essay with appropriate referencing, not as a business style report with short sub-sections and bullet points.
There is a 3000 word limit

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