Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Essay question 1
What is Schumpeter’s legacy with respect to both understanding entrepreneurship and innovation and the application of that understanding?
Essay question 2
Explain the current focus on high growth firms or gazelles’ (OECD 2008). Account for what influences whether or not enterprises grow rapidly.
Essay question 3
How and why are the sources of start-up finance for innovative small firms changing? What are the theoretical arguments for why one particular source of start-up finance is useful to new firms?
Essay question 4
Discuss what technological and market factors may impact on the success of collaborations on technological innovations between firms.
Essay question 5
What are the patterns of business failure in the UK? What are the main explanations for why businesses do not survive? Which explanations are the most and least convincing?
Essay question 6
What are the theoretical and empirical justifications for policy intervention in entrepreneurship and innovation?
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