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Using the readings on the FBI’s Trilogy and Sentinel Systems as well as the readings on Veteran Affairs’ VistA system. Answer the following questions using double line spaced, 12 point font. Any additional readings used should be referenced.
Should use Label for all answer.
Ideal length is one to two pages per question with 6 pages ideally.
In your own words:
1. Describe in detail the most important difference in how the VistA system was developed versus how the pre-Agile SENTINEL system was developed that you believe was responsible for VistA’s success and pre-Agile SENTINEL’s near failure. In other words describe what was something present in the VistA process that was absent in the pre-Agile SENTINEL system.
2. Describe in detail the most important similarity in how both the VistA system and the successful SENTINEL system were developed. In other words describe something in the environment of both successful implementations.
3. Was there anything really important that you feel was lacking in the way the pre-Agile Sentinel system was developed? Describe what that was and why it was important in detail.
4. Describe in detail at least 2 important aspects of the Agile method that you feel were responsible for the success on the FBI Sentinel System labeling them 4a, 4b..4c
Hint: “Describe” is more than just list. Remember to look at how program management concepts and PMO concepts as well as Agile concepts were or were not at work in the VistA and SENTINEL cases.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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