englsih, macroeconomics, frameworks

I am looking for someone who is reliable to complete all three subject for me this is English1301, Framework, and Macroeconomics I am looking for someone who knows how to follow direction. You will be completing the entire course this includes homework,quizzes, test , exams and discussion boards,  all of it not part of it. Also I want someone who is in the USA sorry people I have been hit with all kinds of bad grades and people who did not deliver so I am giving this site one last try before I move on to another you will be paid every by the end of the week or when work is completed and I have recieved my grade or until your payment is paid in full and classes has been passed I am expecting for you to pass everything with an A or B if you do not deliver or cant deliver please do not place your bid I have counted on too many people on here who ask me to give them a chance then fail me completely. I have 3 weeks left on these class so please be prepared to. I will check work daily and make sure work is getting done. I need someone who is good at writting and can catch grammar errors you will be sending all writting assignments to me first via email so that i may approve of them. I will not pay you 1000 to complete 3 weeks left of my course I have already spent out $250 only to be let down in less than a week with incomplete work. If you are not able to complete an assignemnt please let me know ahead of time so i can make other arrangments. If you have poor internet please do not bid I am tired of all the complaints about internet problems.


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