Employing Strategy in a Competitive Environment: Starbuck

The environmental scanning is the function of strategic management which analyzes the external functioning that directly affects the organization. The Environmental scanning is to scan the changes that are occurring in the environment and in order to monitor and identify those changes which include the new trends that result in causing the effect over the organization. Additionally, the environmental scanning with internal organization analysis include strengths, weaknesses, vision and mission that can further assist management the formulation of the strategic plans in order to gain control which may have significant affect. The Coffee shop Starbuck is the one which is dependent upon the leader’s and employee’s ability to adapt the rapid transformation to the external environment (Kooning. Karin, 2008).

The key contribution of workforce in the process of planning at Starbucks is conducting the environmental scanning. This scanning helps Starbuck business planning for the coming three to four years. The overreaching goal of the environmental scanning at Starbuck is the identification of the work force gaps and the prioritization of the actions which will ensure the meets of the organization talent needs.

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