Emergency Department Capstone Project

Why Students Should Write an Emergency Department Capstone Project

As a nursing student enrolled in emergency classes, you will have to deal with lives of people at stake, and you will understand the problems and areas that need corrections because the department is always busy. Services here should be fast and very accurately done to save the life of the patients. The student has to explore on preparedness and be familiar with the response agencies at all level in the emergency department. With all these to put in action, a department of urgency capstone project builds a foundation in the emergency medical services and helps the department at large. Students writing capstone project will bring a lot of advantages to the department in the following ways;

  1. Help Improve Safety and Quality of Services.

When students are writing on their capstone project, they have to identify a problem and help look at measures to improve on it. This makes the emergency department capstone project to be used as a tool of ensuring efficiency as the students assist in determining the area of weakness of the department. Students will also do extensive research and come up with critically scrutinized solutions which can be implemented to help the department. Students should also ensure that their capstone project has some value to the society and the department.

  1. Helps Improve Patients Flow

Are you aware that emergency departments get patients every minute and they tend to crowd? Yes, this is one of the capstone ideas which needs to be explored to come up with a measure to ensure patients get faster services and don’t die while waiting for treatment. When students write on emergency department capstone project relating to this issue, the hospital will understand the causes of crowding, consequences and how to help reduce the problem of congestion. Through Publication of the project, it can contribute to implement and correct the issue by adding more nurses, ICU beds and machines to help improve patients flow in the department.

  1. Helps Understand the Gaps and Opportunities in the Department

Every topic the students handle in their capstone project is related to the emergency department, and thus through the different ideas, the department will understand the areas of problem and even the resources which can be put to use. If a topic is on poor communication, the problem may be arising from poor leadership and help solve problem professionally using the problem-solving skills provided in the project. Some other problems like few ambulances, power shortages, few beds, inadequate nurses which the students may decide to choose as their emergency department capstone project will help the department with the information and those responsible will take measures to correct.

With the above advantages, an emergency department capstone project is useful to the society, the student, and the department. Students should then not hesitate to write on issues they find a problem and causing poor performance of the department as it will help correct the problem in time and patients will get quality treatment.

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