Electronics II and Lab JFETs

Electronics II and Lab






Which types of applications are field-effect transistors preferred over bipolar junction transistors? Why?


Explain why junction field-effect transistors are considered voltage-controlled devices.




  • 1 power supply: 15V
  • 1 transistor: 2N4860
  • 3 resistors: 1kΩ, 4.7kΩ, 2MΩ
  • <List meters used>




Using Multisim construct the circuits shown below:


Measure the following and record the values in the “results” section: VG, ID, VS, VD, VDS,






Calculate VGS from the measured values.


Which type of biasing is used?


The table below shows readings for three different cases where the circuit above, was malfunctioning. Find the fault, assuming only one device in each case has a problem. List the steps taken to arrive at a solution.


  VDS VD VS What is the problem?
1 91.4mV 91.4mV 0V  
2 66.5mV 15V 14.9V  
3 15 15 0  




What did you learn?

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