Electrical Engineering – Remote Control Receiver Design



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You should turn in a report detailing the design of the remote control receiver

•The report should include:

–Introduction, design, results, and conclusion

–VHDL code for your design

–Quartus compilation results of your design

–Simulation Results for your design

Attachments: Homework #5 DE2 Remote Control Receiver Design NEC Remote Control Transmitter • Uses “Pulse Distance Encoding” – Logical ‘0’ is a short voltage pulse followed by 1.125 ms of no pulses – Logical ‘1’ is a short voltage pulse followed by 2.25 ms of no pulses • NEC IR Transmission Protocol – Used in many remote controls, including your DE2 remote Nippon Electric Company NEC Transmission Protocol • Starts with a Leader code – 9 ms of a positive voltage pulse – Followed by 4.5 ms of zero voltage • 8-bit address for the receiving device • Inverse of the 8-bit address • 8-bit command (corresponding to the key depressed on the remote) • Inverse of the 8bit command Example NEC message Leader Code Stop Bit Receiver Design • We want to build a circuit design which will – Read in an NEC code – Display the NEC code onto the 7-segment displays • There is an IR receiver chip whose output is connected to PIN_Y15 First, let’s try to design the state machine init read_LC_on check LC_on count read_LC_off check LC_off count check_data read_data pos_edge data=‘0’ LC_on counter LC_on counter “out of range” “in range” pos_edge pos_edge LC_off counter “in range” data_counter = 31 data_counter /= 31 else else else data Pulse Detection Circuitry D Q Q rst clk D Q Q rst clk data clk pos_edge clk pos_edge Some important numbers • System clock = 50,000,000 Hz (2e-8s period) • Leader code on = 9e-3s • 9e-3/2e-8 = 450000 clock cycles for LC_on Some Example Code Use generics. Code can be re-used with different system clock Outputs to 7-segment displays Inputs into the receiver C Counter keeps track of the LC_on signal Counter keeps track of the LC_off signal Counter keeps track of the data signals Counter keeps track of the number of bits read Length of each type of signal, in number of system clock periods Register to hold data bits Define the state machine C test_RC_receiver.vhd 450000 clocks for the leader code “on” signal (50 MHz system clock) Due to the use of generics, we Can reduce that number of clocks for simulation without Changing the design Changing the default value of LC_on_max Set up an array for the 7 seg data, and the expected output test_RC_receiver.vhd Read input data from input.csv Read output data from output.csv Check for correctness Input.csv Output.csv Simulation Results Remote Control Receiver • Simulate your design in ModelSim to test for correct functionality • Use the testbench that has been developed for you • Compile circuit in Quartus and implement onto the DE2 board • Use PIN_Y15 for the IR input • Use 8 7-seg displays for the 32-bit code Homework #4 Report • You should turn in a report detailing the design of the remote control receiver • The report should include: – Introduction, design, results, and conclusion – VHDL code for your design – Quartus compilation results of your design – Simulation Results for your design This homework is a group project! • You should: – Arrange yourselves into groups of 1-3 students – Work on the design together – Develop one design an done report for the group – Seek help from your professor when having problems • You should NOT: – Copy any portion of code across different groups – Give copies of your designs to other groups – Copy or give copies of any of your report content Evidence of code copying receives a 0 for the group who copies and the group who allows their designs to be copied

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