Eid alfitr

Current Events Assignment *Please make sure that you read the directions completely and thoroughly. You will have the opportunity to complete 4 international current event assignments during the course of the semester. The assignment should be completed as follows: Describe a situation or event which has made international news headlines from a nation, realm or region beyond North America. Give a full geographic description of the realm, region or nation where the event occurred. The event may be positive or negative, with global ramifications or regional impact. Write a 2-3 page synopsis of (1) the prelude to the situation or event, (2) the situation or event itself, and (3) the potential future implications of the situation or event. Your chosen topic should be timely, so take advantage of the news as it happens. This event should have occurred within the past 3 months. Focus on reliable international news sources via the web or televisions. They can be located within North America, as long as they are known for their international coverage. Examples of reliable news sources are BBC, the New York Times, Reuters, Associated Press, The Washington Post, NPR, etc. The assignment must address geographical concerns regarding your chosen event or situation What Should Be Turned In on Blackboard: A meticulously edited, typed , 2-3 page report (12 point Times font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins) which includes the above described assignment. It should also include a link to the article/news story OR an attached PDF. Grade Information Each current events assignment will be worth 50 points; 10 points for a link to article/news story OR an attached PDF 30 points for the written product as described above 10 points for correct grammar, spelling, clarity, and structure.


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