Effective Power Points for the VIVA presentation Chapter 3+4+5 _THE ROLE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS

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Effective Power Points for the VIVA presentation for Chapter 3,4 and 5.
This is an important order. kindly Slides should be readable and professional-looking.
– Methodology: Such slides provide an overview of the application of particular methods through which research questions are answered. Presenters should include references to critical information that addresses the rationale for the selection of a particular method and addresses issues of validity and reliability.
– Findings and analysis: Slides should reflect graphs, tables or charts that demonstrate critical elements of the research findings or outcomes. Presenters sometimes include their hypotheses and the corresponding results or analysis.
• Discussion and implication (contribution): Presenters should list and discuss salient findings and their applicability to their field of expertise.
– Limitations of the study: Generally, limitations emerge out of the research process or after the research has concluded and draw attention to these questions: “If I had to do this study again, in what way would it differ? Would another approach affect outcomes, and if so, how?
– Recommendations for future study: Where do students see the logical continuation of their work? This opens the pathway for future scholars and extends the opportunity to enter into the academic conversation.
– The conclusion of the discussion, limitations and recommendations segments intersects naturally with the questioning phase of the dissertation defense. Presenters should anticipate the round of questions from committee members at this point.
— kindly Prepare PowerPoint notes. A notes section appears at the bottom of each slide and should reflect discussion points, culled from the text of the dissertation. Notes enable presenters to remain focused and on track in an organized manner that sets up a series of bullet points that jog the memory and help the presenters discuss additional details or elements of interest. The opportunity to elaborate may calm nerves and help presenters rise above the formality of the defense by dovetailing into interesting conversational elements that heighten audience interaction.
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