Economics Research paper

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This research paper is divided among seven separate questions. Answer each question separately, but compile your answers into one document. Submit the answers to these questions when you have completed and assembled all the questions. Refer to the Read Me First (welcome letter) located under the course heading for the file format that this paper must be saved as. Include your name and course number on your paper.
Each question asks you to visit at least one web site. Links are given as first-choice suggestions. If the exact link does not get you the answer you need, continue with the question by searching for the updated link, or an equivalent site. Although one link is given, you may need to do a little investigation on your own to completely answer the question. Make sure to cite all sources that you use.
100 Points total
Grading Breakdown:
Each question is worth 12 points for a total of 84 points
Navigating the web site as evidenced by current data – 6 points
Interpreting (not necessarily copying) the data into meaningful information – 5 points
Using complete grammar, and clear tables or charts (if appropriate) – 5 points
Note: plagiarism is the unacknowledged borrowing of another person’s idea and using it as your own. Failure to adequately document your source material can result in failure of the assignment, or failure of the course. See the Student Handbook for more information. If you have any questions, you should contact the instructor. An excellent online reference for rules governing documentation is found at Columbia University Press. You may also use MLA style.

(1) Visit the website of the Federal Trade Commission Go to the section on consumer protection and summarize the work of the seven divisions involved in consumer protection. Which do you think is the most important and why?

(2) Visit both the Republicans’ and the Democrats’ websites. Identify an economic issue that both parties address, and compare and contrast their views on that issue. Generally speaking, how much of the disagreement is based on normative economics compared to positive economics? Give an example of loaded terminology from each site.

(3) Go to the Department of commerce website, . Under the Economic indicators tab go to the section on US international trade in goods and services. For the August report review the balance of trade data to determine whether it was favorable or unfavorable. What were the reasons for the result?

(4) Go to the Bureau of Economic Analysis website at Review the data for the second quarter of 2012 and summarize the reasons given for the variations between the first and second quarter 2012.

(5) Go to the website of the Bureau of Labor statistics Summarize the July 2012 employment statistics making sure you identify the July national unemployment rate and compare it with the 2011 data. Identify the three states with the highest increases in employment and unemployment in the report. What do you consider the main causes?

(6) Go to the website of the US Treasury . Summarize the mission and the role of the Treasury. In the section on economic data identify the number of housing starts, inflation rate, and the price per barrel for oil for July 2012.

(7) Visit the Office of Management and Budget . On the issues tab go to the section on taxes and summarize three recent measures on taxation.
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