Economic Principles and Decision Making

Economic Principles and Decision Making
Order Description
Reflective Analysis reporting and responding to a critical issue or experience;
1. relating this issue or experience to your own knowledge in this field;
2. reasoning about causes and effects of this issue/experience according to relevant theories or literature and/or similarities or differences with other experiences you’ve had; and
3. reconstructing your thinking to plan new ways to approach the issue or engage in similar experiences in the future,

WILL required the report to be as follows linking between first Assessment and second assessment
First assessment made by your company please let me know if you need a copy

1-Executive Summary ( 1 Page ) no repetition in wording
2-Introduction (half of Page)
3-Body of the report
4-conclusion (1 page)

please check the Assessment brief for Guide line of work Learning Rubrics Page 4 and 5

I do believe that you will need to address in your writing the curve for production Cobb Douglass , Philip Curse for Inflation and unemployment rates also discuss the Australian Market structure
Also you could highlight the price war between big grocery stores and farmer Link as per below .

Discuss the recent act of the big 4 banks and increase of the interest rates however the RBA Hold the interest rate steady

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