Economic consulting and managerial economics

  1. Skim the Dubin-Noll Caltech admissions
  1. Would you conclude that only the total SAT scores determines admissions as compared to the composition? Based on Table 3-11 for instance, would a student with combined SAT score of 1500 (800 M 700V) be more or less likely to gain admission to Caltech as a student with a combined score of 1500 (700 M 800 V)?
  1. Using the results in Table 3-11 (see PDF of same name on blackboard), how many math SAT points is it worth to be a female applicant to Caltech (circa 1981)?
  1. Using the same table, how many verbal SAT points is it worth to be a black female applicant to Caltech, compared to a white male?
  1. How could a discrete choice model be used to analyze the time of day that individuals pick to go to movies? How might a movie theatre use this information to maximize revenues?

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