ece354 week 4 discussion 2 response

Respectfully provide feedback to your peer regarding the activity they shared. Provide suggestions for materials or further activity ideas that might help to address this need as well. 5 sentences or more.

Ryan Weaver is 3 years old and he seems to need support in the areas of hand and finger skills and language milestone. On the day of the observation Ryan had trouble copying shapes and drawing a person with 2-4 body parts. He had trouble talking to strangers and telling a story.

The activity to improve Ryan’s copying shapes: first I would introduce the different shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle, and square) then do a sorting activity with rubber shapes. After Ryan get familiar with the different shapes, I will make tracing copies of the different shapes that he learned. I will show Ryan first that he needs to follow the lines carefully. If I need to hold his hand I will help him.

I will be observing Ryan when he is doing the sorting activities and making notes if he is having difficulty sorting the shapes. When it is time to trace I will be also taking notes if he follows the lines or if he stills need help tracing.

The check list helped to know in what areas Ryan needs help. With the checklist results I can create an activity that will help him develop the skill.

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