E-Marketing plan

E-Marketing plan
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The subject is E-Marketing. our product is “Smart Furniture and we would like to be establish in Dubai we have to decide a business model example either brokers, retailers or advertising only about smart furniture. and in respect for the subject we have ti create later on a blog to advertise on it .
The professor outlines are:
Develop an e-marketing plan for a “pure-play”e-business specializing in living in small spaces in the UAE OR promote a cause of your choice.
• Section One- Explain the business from your perspective: the need, segmentation, potential revenue sources, (1 page).
• Section Two: Give an overview of your proposed business; SWOT analysis; & marketing plan (except for emarketing). The strategic marketing plan includes: segmentation, targeting, positioning or value proposition, consumer behavior, contact points, communication objectives and measures (see slides & book). Consider alternatives for monetization. Remember costs. (3 pages)
• Section Three: Your detailed emarketing plan. Develop a wordpress blog facebook, linked-in, youtube, Twitter, SMS, link-exchanges, content (videos? Reports? Interviews, etc.), ads and any other media you consider useful. It is not enough to say, “I will send an email”, you must write out and format an email then explain to whom you will send it and how you will acquire their address. Show me your advertising choices for Facebook, Google, etc. (5 -10 pages + links).
• Final paper: All of the above, properly written, formatted and referenced.

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