One way to determine the performance of a website or a specific page is to create a goal within a Google Analytics account. As discussed this week, a goal is a page on your website that is considered to be a conversion, such as a lead generation page or a purchase confirmation page.


Using the readings for this week, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division Online Library, and the Internet, research analytics goals.

On the basis of your research, develop analytics goals for your apparel company’s e-commerce website.

Create a goal in a Google Analytics account and address the following:

  • Quote the goal you created. Explain why you created that specific goal.
  • Identify the information that will be generated in the form of reports based on the goal you created.
  • Analyze the impact the information generated will have on your apparel company.
    • Determine the impact on the company’s decision-making process.
    • Speculate on the results on executing changes on the website.

You will write a 750-word submission detailing your goals, show how a goal was set up in Google Analytics, and post the submission for review. You will also provide feedback and comments on the submissions of at least two peers.


Ensure the following:

  • Your responses should be about 750 words long.
  • Attach the goal that was set up in Google Analytics.
  • Use proper MLA formatting.
  • Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document attached to your post in the Discussion Area.
  • Name your document AI_ADVA407_W3_A1_Lastname_Firstinitial.doc.
  • Submit the document to the W3 Assignment 1 Discussion Area byWednesday, January 27, 2016.

Review and Critique:

By the end of Saturday, January 30, 2016, use this Discussion Area to review and provide a 100- to 200-word substantive feedback on the submissions of two of your peers, utilizing vocabulary relevant to the class material.

Your responses can be in the form of comments, further questions for discussion, or a reference to materials relating to the current discussion topics. Make sure your responses are honest, clear, and concise. Always use constructive language, even in criticism, to work toward the goal of positive progress and encourage discussion.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Created a goal appropriate for the project scenario company’s website and supported your choice with reasons.
Accurately identified the information Google Analytics would generate based on the goal.
Explained how the project scenario company would use the information generated for decision making.
Included at least one screenshot of the Google Analytics goal.
Followed current MLA guidelines for writing style, spelling, grammar, and source citations.
Participated in the discussion by commenting on at least two peers’ assignments. Challenged or supported their opinions on the creation and uses of analytics goals.

For assistance with any problems you may have when completing this assignment—OR—to offer your assistance to classmates, please use theProblems and Solutions Discussion area located through the left side navigation link.

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