Dubai Cares Organisation

Please write in no less than twelve pages about the organization and highlight important aspects of the organizational communication, including employee communication and group or communication. You should also reflect on the management style decision-making process, and the organizational culture.


  1. Select a company, a government department, or a not-for-profit organization. It should be an institution with a PR/Media/Corporate communication department. Your choice should not be a small institution with a few employees and minimal PR activities. The bigger the company/organization, the better will be the content of your interview, and consequently, the better will be your paper.
  2. Use the information gathered about the Dubai Care organization and write about the company’s/organization’s organizational communication. You should highlight important aspects of organizational communication, including employee communication and group or communication. You should also reflect on the management style decision-making process, and the organizational culture.
  3. Critically examine the organization’s website(Dubai Care) and social media presence. What advice would you give to improve online communication and interface of this company/organization?
  4. Design and draft a conflict/crisis communication plan for the organization.
  5. Your final paper should be no less than TWELVE pages (excluding the cover page and a copy of the website), typed, double-spaced, well-researched, and well-written.
  6. Your paper should include a bibliography and an organizational chart of the company/organization.
  7. The paper will be graded on the following:
  • Substance of the interview
  • Analysis and critical appraisal of the organization’s PR work
  • Critical appraisal of the company/organization’s website
  • Appropriateness/critique of the crisis communication plan
  • Organization, coherence, and accuracy of spelling, grammar, and syntax.
  1. The final paper is due on the day of your presentation. Email submissions will not be accepted and late work will be penalized.


  • Here are the information gathered from conducting interviews about the organization Dubai cares:
  • Organization is philanthropic, established in 2007.
  • Provide children with access to education, teacher training.
  • Main objective is that children go to school and learn.
  • 250 million children go to school but do not actually learn.
  • Work in 41 developing countries.
  • Raise awareness, raise funds, set up campaigns locally.
  • Why donors choose Dubai cares? –Because to some people education is so
  • They explain to the donors what they have done with their money.
  • Get stories from beneficiaries.
  • Dubai cares is different from competitors because they are very focused on education and quality of education.
  • They choose UN agencies & International NGO’s.
  • They choose partners who have the right expertise to help.
  • The Organization has been around for 8 years, very stable, they began as a campaign to educate 1 million children & they now educate 14 million.
  • They are expanding.
  • Also focus on gender equality in education.
  • They have a very prosperous future, always progressing.
  • Their aim is to reach over 50 countries by 2020.
  • Communication skills is very important in the organization.
  • There are only 35 employees, so internal communication is easy, internal news portal, regular meetings.
  • What makes a good leader:
  • Involving people in the decisions you make.
  • A true leader should inspire people & empower them to make decisions.
  • Delegate them with tasks to do, motivate and encourage them.
  • Atmosphere:
  • Friendly environment.
  • People like what they do.
  • All staff members go to the field (schools, talk to teachers.)
  • Work closely with partners & beneficiaries.
  • Very hands on.
  • Enjoy experiencing their plans.
  • Travel occasionally to the countries they are assisting.
  • Corporate cultures :
  • Smooth, different layers & people involved.
  • Everything goes through the chair & CEO.
  • Craft programs as accurately as possible.
  • Do not only rely on reports.
  • Practical, verify things themselves.
  • Volunteer work outside working hours.
  • Conferences, travelling.
  • Give back to the community.
  • Visit and help people in need.
  • Personal satisfaction, more values for things they have.
  • Stressful parts of the job:
  • Stress from campaigns, deadlines.
  • Working from the field.
  • Company Philosophy:
  • Set values, constantly changing.
  • Being fair, no discrimination to anyone on the field.
  • Have a savings attitude.

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