Drinking Water Analysis

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ENV 100- Fall 2015 

Principles of Environmental Science

Dr. Fatin Samara

Drinking Water Analysis

Laboratory (in class): 

Bring to class a sample of drinking water

Measure out and record all the parameters (tap water) – Control

Measure out and record all the parameters- Experimental

Calculate the concentration of H+ of the control and experimental water.

Write the report with the following sections:

Experimental procedure or Methods:  how did you test the hypothesis, describe what the class did, and include what the factor to be studied is & the replicates used ( 5 points)

Results & Discussion:  30 points

Include all the data ( tables or bulleted points)

Find the average pH of the measurements ( for each measurement control and experimental and show your calculations)

Calculate the concentration of Hydrogen for each measurement and then get the average (show at least one example of your calculations).

Discuss the results & their significance (what is the concentration of H+ in the control water and experimental water). Discuss how your sample compares to the rest, and how al the results compare to each other. Offer possible explanations of what might have made the difference. This part should be an extensive discussion.

Conclusion ( 10 points):  Draw conclusions based on the pH of the water, why is different or equal in the different areas. Make sure you state what your opinion is based on data and on your research.

Reference list ( 5 points):  Find 2 references or more that discuss how important is the level of acidity or alkalinity of water. Use them in the Introduction and R&D.  Add a full list of references at the end of the paper. All sources of information should be referenced in the report using APA writing style with  author, date, title, source (department, agency, country; or journal), website address(w/date accessed.  Do NOT plagiarize!! Do not use very many quotes!! 

You should paraphrase & summarize!! All writing should be your own.


Full Name of group members:                                                        

___________________________________ ID ____________________

___________________________________ ID ____________________

___________________________________ ID ____________________

___________________________________ ID ____________________

___________________________________ ID ____________________

Sample Group pH salinity Conductivity


Sample Group DO TDS ________________________


Sample Group      



Sample Group [H+] pOH [OH-]


Make sure to calculate Average measurement for all

Equations to know:


[H+] = 10 –pH

pH + pOH = 14

Average pH= (pH1 + pH2 + pH3)/3

Average T (temperature)= (T1 + T2 + T3)/3

Average salinity = (S1 + S2 + S3)/3


















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