Doug MacPhee fiddler

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Folklore of Atlantic Canadian folklore





  • Beaton Institute Archival Assignment: Atlantic Canadian Folklore Collections



  • Please choose an archival collection focusing on a folklore collection from the Beaton Institute that you are interested in working on. ( I am already choose the Doug MacPhee )


  • You are asked to write a double-spaced, clear, well-written report on the collection (8-10 double-spaced pages).


  • First, discuss any biographical information you have on the collector( very important to write and this is like a resume of this person). Make sure you include the complete bibliographic references for your chosen articles.


  • – Who is this person and what is it they have deposited in the archives?
  • Describe the collection in detail (What is in the collection?  Cassette tapes of songs? Reel-to reel-tapes? Manuscript materials, lyric sheets, biographical information,  posters, etc.). (I  am already choice the collection I want to go through but if you got any more from internet its good)
  • Scripit interview by Walter Bond of Doug MacPhee in november 1987
  • Keeping his 88’s straight: Doug MacPhee and his music
  • Newspaper
  • Reply from secretariat of state ,Vatican city m21 november1984


  • Furthermore, provide some historical context for the collection  (when was it deposited?  who deposited the collection? Who is the collector?).
  • Discuss the the significance of the collection from your point of view. You are asked also to consult any published books or articles on or about the collector or collection, if available and include specific bibliographic references.
  • Why this person and his collection its important




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