Discussion Recruting Problem

Before you enter this discussion, please complete your unit reading assignment. Please re-read the Case StudyWho Has a Recruiting Problem” on page 66 in Chapter 4 of your text and respond to the following questions in your original post:

  • “Considering the critical need for nursing help on evenings as well as weekends, what can Carrie and Jane tell this applicant?
  • If Jane has to adhere rigidly to her scheduling policy and the candidate refuses to accept the job, what problems might Jane face?
  • If Jane offers the applicant the position without requiring weekend hours, and without changing the department policy, what problems should Jane expect to encounter?
  • How can Carrie, as an HR professional, provide further help to Jane, a supervisor in nursing services, as she attempts to recruit sufficient staff for the nursing department? (Fallon, L, p.67, 2007)“
  • After closely examining the facts and conversation within case, please identify the law(s) that have a direct implication on the outcome of this case?

Provide justification for each of your opinions or explanations.

You will need to perform additional research beyond your textbook to address a few of these questions. Here is one additional source:www.findlaw.com.

Note: If you use resources, other than your textbook to support your positions, please be sure to cite your source(s).

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