Discuss the strategies a mentor can implement to support an underperforming learner

Written Assignment guidelines

Discuss the strategies a mentor can implement to support an underperforming learner. (1500 words limit)

These areas mentioned below must be addressed in your essay. Please take particular note on the bold/ highlighted areas.

  • Explore how the mentor determines that a learner is ‘underperforming’.
  • Appraise the potential difficulties associated with mentoring the underperforming learner.
  • Evaluate the timing and content of feedback that the underperforming learner should be given.
  • Who should the mentor involve when identifying objectives and planning interventions?
  • Discuss how the objectives identified for the learner must be documented.
  • Critically discuss the approaches the mentor might employ to facilitate student learning so that the learner develops the requisite competence.
  • Critically discuss what would signify that the learner has successfully achieved what is required.

You must address accountability in relation to decision-making about learner achievement.

1500 word limit.

Appendices must be used appropriately and essential information placed within the text. Appendices, reference lists, tables and figures are not included in the word count.

Relevant literature should be used throughout to support your work.

Note:  Because you are not required to explore your own experience, this essay should be presented in the third-person .

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