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Capstone Evidence‐based Paper Part 1 Guidelines


In this Capstone paper, the student will have the opportunity to reflect on the knowledge and experience gained in the baccalaureate nursing program. The student will gather background information on a hospital problem affecting a particular population and will explore the literature in regard to the role nurses play in addressing or relieving the issue.


Ultimately, the student will be required to produce a three page evidence‐based paper addressing a significant hospital issue. This evidence‐based paper is due in two parts. In Part 1 of the Capstone Evidence based. Paper assignment, due in Unit 3, the student will identify and begin exploring a solution to a hospital issue. This first paper will provide the basis for, and will become part of, the Capstone Evidence‐based.

  • When selecting a hospital issue to be addressed in the assignment, the student is expected to draw from one of the NCLEX‐RN examination blueprint: health promotion and maintenance of health.
  • Length of paper is 3 pages excluding the title page and the reference page.
  • The sources cited both in text and on the reference page for this assignment will be formatted

according APA 6th edition guidelines.

  • Minimum of three (3) peer‐reviewed scholarly sources is required in support of the Capstone

Evidence‐based Paper Part 1 assignment.




The assignment will include the following parts:

  • Title Page: (APA 6th edition formatting)


  • Offer a detailed description of the statement of purpose for the paper.
  • Identify the hospital issue which is the topic of the Capstone evidence based paper.
  • A hospital issue or problem drawn from one of the NCLEX‐RN examination blueprint: (Health promotion and maintenance of health).
  • Population: Identifies the population that is impacted by the issue.
  • Importance: Explains the importance of the issue to the health of the population as well as identify the potential long‐term negative effect if the issue is not addressed.
  • Exploration of the literature‐

Background: Provide summary of background information in describing the issue:

  1. The effect of the issue on the population of interest.
  2. Identify at least one contributing factor.

iii. Identify potential negative effects of leaving the issue unresolved.

  • Solution to the problem‐ Propose the best solution for solving the problem that can be carried out by a nurse through the use of appropriate evidence based data:
  1. Peer‐reviewed journal articles
  2. Scholarly sources
  • Reference Page: (APA 6th edition formatting)



























Assignment Criteria Points % Description
Introduction 25 12.5%  Provides a detailed description of the statement of purpose for

the paper

 Identifies the  issue that will be discussed in the

Capstone Evidence‐based paper

 Defines which one of  the  NCLEX RN

Exam blueprint is impacted by the clinical issue.

Identification of the


20 10% Identifies the population impacted by the issue.
Importance of

Addressing the Issue

20 10% Provides a description of the importance of addressing the issue on the selected population.
Background of the Issue 25 12.5% Provides a background summary of the  issue:

Identifies at least one contributing factor to the issue in the selected population.

Potential Negative

Effect of Not

Addressing the Issue

20 10% Identifies potential negative effects of leaving the

issue unresolved. Among those may be, but not limited to:

o The population

o The health care system

o Other negative effects

Proposed solution 20 10% Proposes the best solution for preventing or helping to resolve the issue that can be carried out by a nurse
Role of the nurse 20 10% Describes the role the nurse can have in preventing or helping to resolve the  issue
Evidence-base support for the solution 30 15% Provides a minimum of 3 references retrieved from:

o Peer‐reviewed scholarly journals

o Scholarly sources

APA 6th edition

Format, Grammar

and Punctuation

20 10% Uses clear and correct grammar.

 Uses proper sentence structure and flow.

 Adheres to all APA 6th edition formatting guidelines for title, page, margins, and in‐ text citations.


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