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Milestone 2:  Rationale


Purpose, Audience, Significance


What is the purpose of your speech?


The purpose of this speechis to inform my audience toward the importance of being aware and educated of the increasing maternal deaths mainly due to abortion. I want my audience to learn and understand the irreversible consequences that abortion may lead to. One of my focuses is to motivate women to seek help and correct information before continuing with such delicate process. I intend to encourage to transmit the how professional doctors are not properly trained for this type of procedure (Stotland, 2001).
Who is your Audience?


The intended audiences for this speech are students who are unaware of medical procedures and are essential for the abortion procedure. I also intend to direct my speech to those who lack of education, towards different alternatives other than abortion, such as adoption, which will not only put their life at risk but also will save the child’s life (Garfield and Hennessey, 2002). 
Why is your topic significant to your Audience?


The issue of abortion is of great significance in real world because women try to terminate their pregnancy without adopting or seeking help or other options or even any safety measures. Due to such negligence,they face major injury as well as sometimes even death(Lunneborg, 2005). 





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