Define classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Identify and explain the similarities and differences between the two types. Create a real-life example where either classical or operant conditioning may be used. Explain how the specific type of conditioning worked in the situation and why it was selected over the other type of conditioning for the situation. Identify two real-life experiences in which learning principles can apply. Discuss each experience and the principles of learning that are applicable. Be sure to fully explain each of the learning concepts that apply to these two experiences. Identify ways in which learning in the two experiences can be inhibited and improved.

Describe a time when you effectively managed someone’s emotions. What happened? What was the result?

2. The latest employee satisfaction survey in your organization indicates that employees are unhappy with some aspects of the organization. However, management tends to pay attention to the single item question asking employees to indicate their overall satisfaction with the job. The results of this item indicate that 86 percent of staff members are very or somewhat satisfied, so management concludes that the other results refer to issues that are probably not important to employees. Explain why management’s interpretation of these results may be inaccurate.

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