Data Visualizer


I n teract i ve Programming Page 1 of 4 Project 3: Data Visualizer (due at our regularly scheduled final exam time) Goal: To use Flash and other media creation tools to visualize data brought in from an external source. Requirements: 1) The Flash file will be no greater than 1024×768 pixels. This time around, we won’t be putting it on Gibson (see below). 2) Data Choose a source of XML data from or some other site. This data source will establish the central theme for your visualizer. o Your visualizer must indicate someplace clearly what the source is for your data, and give proper credit where it is due. o This data should be dynamically loaded from the host site, not stored locally. Your visualizer needs to dynamically adapt to the specific information given in an ever-changing data file. o The amount of data used should be compelling and useful; don’t just present a single piece of information from your source, but you also don’t necessarily need to visualize everything. Properly filter the data and use what you feel is useful to your project and audience. o If your source requires additional data, such as a user ID, in order to function, please provide me with some default or dummy data to use since I may not have an account on whatever service you choose. 3) Design o Design and develop a Flash-based tool that visualizes the data pulled in from your external online data source. The user should have some control over what aspects are displayed, and other aspects you deem reasonable. Establish a visual theme (color scheme, icons, consistent controls, etc.) that ties your visualizer together into a cohesive unit. o Use the principles of CRAP, a good color scheme (perhaps from kuler), and attractive buttons and other interface elements (using the Photoshop button tutorials or your own ingenuity). o Controls should be well-designed, and match your theme and color scheme. NO default appearances for control items, PERIOD! o Text should scroll if…

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