Data set & Method of Analysis, Finding

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Here is my instructor commends below, please write like this:
Sources and methods: If you collected primary data by conducting interviews, surveys, or focus groups, outline the procedures you followed and any related details: who your subjects were; how you chose those subjects; what the surveysample size was; when the collection of data took place; and whether the data you collected is open to dispute. You can also describe your secondary sources.
Check out: Domestic Violence page 3 (Current Study); p.4 – top of 11 (Findings)
NOTE: Everything should be written in past tense!
OK to use I & you – remember active voice? Use active voice.
Use of bias words is NOT OK. Words that slant the readers perception toward a certain
attitude, especially one the prejudices them towards a certain answer to your research question
before you have even explained your research need to be deleted or replace with neutral terms.!
Transitions: Everytime you move from one topic to the next provide the reader with a “road
sign.” This also helps them to read. It also helps you to see whether you are proceeding
logically through your argument.
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