Daoist Ritual in Contemporary Southeast China

Drawing on the materials included in the �Daoist Ritual in Contemporary Southeast China,� consider 1) how Guo Chongfu is represented in different kinds of texts. 2) What kinds of roles are attributed to the god?3) Are these representations of the god consistent with each other, or are they contradictory? Why might representations differ?

Answer all the above questions by use example and citation from the attach file reading. Only use this attach reading for citation. No outside reading or citation can be used. There are 3 questions ask above, use 1 paragraph each to answer every questions. At the beginning of the paragraph, summarize the reading in 1 paragraph, and then answer the 3 questions. At the end, conclude what is the idea or what people can learn from this reading. Focus on the 3 questions, make the beginning intro and conclusion short. Use citations as example
use 6-8 citations


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